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Postage Rates Canada 2019

Canada Post is proposed to increased the postage rates from January 2019. It is approximately 90 cent per stamp. See postage rates for standard size mail according to the item’s weight and delivery speeds for various destinations. Canada Post shipping Expected time for all its services given below. All the Below rates will be before added $0.05.

Canada U.S. International
Canada Post Expected arrival date
(business days)
2 Days within a city or town
3 Days within a province
4 Days across provinces
4–6 days 4–7 days


$1.00 for a single stamp or
$0.85/stamp in a booklet
$1.20 $2.50
Over 30g–50g $1.20 $1.80 $3.60

If the item which sent through Canada Post is heavier than the standard weight (0g-50g), then it’s postal rates will be differ as it is called in Canada Post non standard or oversize item. You can find out a rate of your oversized and heavier letter mail online tools of Find a rate it

Canada Postage rates [2018]

U.S.A. Postage rates [USPS.COM]

Canada International Postage rates

Stamps in booklets and coils:

$0.85 0-30g

 $1.20 30-50g

$1.80 50-100 g



$1.20 0-30g

$1.80 30-50 g

$2.95 50-100 g



$2.50 0-30g

$3.60 30-50g

$5.90 50-100g


Canada Post Oversize/Non-standard (Large documents and unusually shaped envelopes)

  Canada U.S. International
Up to 20 sheets of paper*
$1.80 $2.95 $5.90
Over 100g–200g
Up to 40 sheets of paper*
$2.95 $5.15 $10.30
Up to 200–300g
Up to 60 sheets of paper*
$4.10 $10.30 $20.60
Up to 300–400g
Up to 80 sheets of paper*
$4.70 $10.30 $20.60
Up to 400–500g
Up to 100 sheets of paper*
$5.05 $10.30 $20.60
  • Canada Post Letter mail maximum weight will not more than 500g.
  • Check out Canada Post size and weight limits for letters and documents sent in Canada and U.S. and International
  • You can use the Canada Post Parcel service for item if your letter dimensions is maximum or weight is more then 50g.

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