Canada Post on mobile

Why use Canada Post mobile app?

  • Track your parcels
  • Convenient parcel pickup at the post office
  • Save your pickup barcode
  • Save time
  • 1 secure online inbox

Turn on notifications and receive delivery status updates of Canada Post delivery

  • Set up a unique FlexDeliveryTM address to have your online purchases sent to the post office of your choice.
  • View your pickup barcode and add it to your iPhone Apple Wallet.
  • Fill out your international customs form and get your barcode before you go to the post office.
  • Organize your money statements and bills for free with epost.

About Canada Post

  • Canada Post Corporation functions as the primary postal operator in Canada. Originally known as Royal Mail Canada (the operating name of the Post Office Department of the Canadian government founded in 1867), re branding was done to the “Canada Post” name in the late 1960s.
  • Canada Post provided service to more than 16 million addresses and delivered nearly 8.4 billion mail items in 2016. Delivery takes place via traditional “to the door” service and centralized delivery by 25,000 letter carriers, through a 13,000 vehicle fleet. There are more than 6,200 post offices across the country, a combination of corporate offices and private franchises that are operated by retailers, such as drugstores.
  • With Parcels app, you can track the Canada Post shipments, as well as any package shipped from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.
  • Track your parcels, get delivery updates and notifications and access your pickup bar code on your mobile device. You can also find a rate and use epostTM. It’s easy with Canada Post’s mobile app. Download Parcels app for iPhone or Android to always know where your packages are, and get Push notifications when package tracking changes.

Canada Post tracking status

Status Description
In transit
Item accepted
Notice card left indicating where and when to pick up item
Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing
Item on hold
Item presented to customs
International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
Item picked up by Canada Post
Shipment picked up by Canada Post
Item has been presented to Canada Border Services Agency for customs review
International item processed in originating country
International item released from Customs for processing by Canada Post
Electronic information submitted by shipper
Item has been sent to customs in the destination country
International item mailed in originating country
Extreme weather conditions at this location; item delayed
International item is in transit to the delivery office
International Item being prepared for export
International item being forwarded to destination country
International item has been forwarded onwards to destination
Signature image recorded for Online viewing
Item has arrived at the delivery office in the destination country
Customs has released item to post office
Item accepted at the Post Office
International item has arrived at transit destination
Item out for delivery
Item successfully delivered
International shipment has arrived in a foreign country
Business closed for the day. Item on hold for second delivery attempt
Item being returned to sender. Incomplete address
Item processed
Verifying recipient’s address; Possible delay
Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up
Item rescheduled for delivery next business day
Item arrived
Item arrived at the Undeliverable Mail Office. Please contact Cust Service
Item available for pickup at Post Office
Item redirected to recipient’s new address
Item departed
Item re-routed due to processing error; Possible delay
Item has arrived in foreign country
Delivered to community mailbox or parcel locker
Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing
Item in transit to Post Office
Item has been released by Customs
Delivered to community mailbox, parcel locker or apt./condo mailbox
Delivered to community mailbox, parcel locker or apt./condo mailbox
In transit
Item processed

Access Canada Post tools anywhere, anytime

  • Use Touch ID or Face ID to sign in to your epost and FlexDelivery mobile app accounts
  • Find a rate for shipping your parcels, letters and documents
  • Find a postal code or find a post office and get directions
  • Create personalized stamps and cards on the go with Picture PostageTM

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