Canada postal cancels

Do you collect postal cancels? Did you know you can choose to receive cancels from many of canada post offices across the country? they add more interesting, creative and historically significant cancels all the time. Check here to see what’s available and which post office offers the ones you want. Then, just stuff your envelopes … Read more

Canada Post latest rates

Postage Rates Canada 2019 Canada Post is proposed to increased the postage rates from January 2019. It is approximately 90 cent per stamp. See postage rates for standard size mail according to the item’s weight and delivery speeds for various destinations. Canada Post shipping Expected time for all its services given below. All the Below rates will be … Read more

Why use Canada Post FlexDelivery used?

FlexDelivery is using for maximize the service of the Canada Post. The option given below to suggest how the flex delivery is affecting the service of Canada Post.  Why FlexDelivery using in Canada Post? how to use it? Also how we get the Flex delivery details on Phone? Why the Flex Delivery used some details … Read more