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Flat rate boxes let you ship within Canada at one convenient price. The only limitation is your box should not weigh over 5kg, “If It fits it ships” Slogan generally used for Canada Post Box who are not more than 5 kgs. If all boxes weight less than and equal to 5 Kgs it fits to ship.There are three types of box options. It will help you identify where is your package fits. It Helps to deliver package without any problem. Before sending the Box please make sure your parcel weight.

  • Small Box (35 x 26 x 5cm)
  • Medium (38 x 26 x 12cm)
  • Large (40 x 28 x 17cm)

Canada Post Flat rate boxes come in the three sizes:

Sizes Dimensions

(l x w x h
in inches)


(l x w x h
in centimetres)

Price Max. Allowable Weight† Deposit Sites
Small 10 3/8 x
14 x 2 1/8
35 x 26 x 5 $14.99 5 kg Street letter box,
Post office
Medium 10 3/8 x
15 3/8 x
4 7/8
38 x 26 x 12 $19.99 5 kg Post office
Large 12 x 16 x
7 1/2
40 x 28 x 17 $24.99 5 kg Post office
  • Postage
  • Tracking
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Up to $100 of liability coverage for loss or damage**

Canada Post Delivery Standard

Purchase a Flat rate box in-store at any one of 60 post office locations. Find a location near you. While only available for purchase at select stores, the boxes can be sent from any post office across Canada. The smallest Flat rate box can even be sent from any street letter box. See more details about the flat rate box and its delivery standards in the tables below.

No need to search for packaging, to measure or calculate shipping rates: if it fits, it ships. Simply pack the Flat rate box without changing its dimensions and ensure its contents are secure to prevent movement during transport. It means that Prohibited Item, Controlled Item, Duty Item or if the Item weight is more then 30kgs can not be consider in the Flat rates of Box .

Delivery Area Delivery Standard*
Local 1 day
Regional 1 day up to 3 days
National 2 days up to 7 days
  • Canada Post offers replacement shipping service or credit equivalent to the cost of the flat rate box, if the sender’s shipment is not delivered on time, as measured against the published delivery standards, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions Without a Standing Offer Agreement.
  • The Flat rate box includes up to $100 Liability Coverage. Exceptions and conditions apply. No additional coverage can be added.
  • All Flat rate box mailings must meet the requirements outlined in the General Terms and Conditions Without a Standing Offer Agreement. Flat rate boxes with alterations or exceeding the maximum 5 kg weight limit may be refused, returned to sender, subject to delay and/or additional charges may apply.
  • Delivery standards are for items sent between most major urban centers and depend on origin and destination.
  • Delivery standards are in business days, not calendar days. Some exceptions apply.

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  1. Horrific experience using these boxes and envelopes! Bought 4 of them at Christmas: one box arrived in 5 days (Vancouver to Calgary), another box took 10 days (Vancouver to Calgary), a third box took 17 days (Vancouver to Halifax) and the fourth expedited envelope got returned to me AFTER 16 days, demanding either that I pay AGAIN to retrieve it OR pay AGAIN to resend it. Taking the latter option, they (unbeknownst to me) used a wrong tracking number (for Amazon!) and now the package is LOST!!!



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